Kleenex Testing is a type of video game testing in which ‘fresh’ testers (people who have never seen the game before) test the game for the first time. Developers use this form of testing to record players’ initial reaction to the game experience.

After their first testing experience (for a specific game), players can no longer be Kleenex testers for that game. Similar to how a Kleenex is only used once, players can only experience the game once from a fresh perspective. Hence, the name ‘Kleenex tester’.

Examples of usage:

  • ”We’ll reevaluate this feature after the first round of Kleenex testing."
  • “The Kleenex testers were confused by the controls. I think we need to do some work on the HUD.”
  • “We shouldn’t wait too long to line up testers for our game. We should set up some Kleenex testing sessions immediately.”

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